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Kayla + Adam / Duluth, MN Engagement Photography

Spent a perfect Duluth evening with Kayla and Adam along the shore of Lake Superior and up at UMD's Old Main while seeing Adam prove the movie "White Men Can't Jump" wrong. I couldn't be more excited to shoot their wedding later this summer so let's hope the weather is half as nice as it was during this engagement session.  Congrats Kayla and Adam!  See you later this summer!

Kristen + Jordan / Ashland, WI Wedding Photography

In the middle of a week of persistent and heavy rains, Kristen and Jordan tied the knot in Moquah, Wisc. and celebrated their marriage along the shore of Lake Superior in Ashland. When the two came up for wedding planning at the beginning of March, temperatures were in the 80s.  With a late May wedding, that meant temperatures were going to be in the 90s and 100s right?  Ha!  This is northern Wisconsin and Lake Superior is that awesome, beautiful, but annoying relative who just likes to mess with your head.  It was nice, then windy, then nice, then it poured, then it was nice and windy then nice.  Throughout all of it, Kristen had a huge smile and took everything in stride.  Congrats to Kristen and Jordan!

The Spin Collective

If you've attended any New Year's celebrations at Dubh Linn's in Duluth the last few years, you have probably seen The Spin Collective in action. Working a room at the bar with dozens of people crowded into a small space, these women twirl fire, wield flaming swords and test the pyro mettle of patrons sitting in the front row. Just another night for The Spin Collective.

Combining dance routines from numerous cultures including the Maori of New Zealand and flamenco with a flare for the improvisational, each performance offers something unique. However, it's the fire and how they incorporate it into their performances that grabs people's attention.

Below are a few of the images I shot while working with Minnesota Public Radio to tell the story of The Spin Collective. To hear reporter Dan Olson's story, check out the audio below. And, if you happen to see a group of women wielding flaming hula hoops and swords, don't panic. It's probably The Spin Collective at work.

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